RE: defining the American Dream
Alison Lynn

Dream On
John Chase

State of the Art
Joe Day

Home on the Range
Aaron Betsky

I Like X
Douglas MacLeod


Morph and Mindy: It’s official. They’re history. Michael Rotondi heads off into the bright cyberpunk future of graphic design animated by cinematic sensibilities and discipline with architectural rigor, while Thom Mayne, custodian of the name, dreams of building whole cities with a staff of dozens (paid?).

It’s official.  Forum members Kris Miller and Marc Fisher, on the other hand, are coming together and plan to be married in the fall.  This frees a Schindler apartment for Cal Poly Associate Dean Pat Oliver who started her career living in same.

It’s unofficial.  Mike Davis has threatened to quit SCI-Arc over the dismissal of long time registrar Dotti Grossman.

It’s unofficial.  The Schindler House was broken into twice last month by the same man whose sole interest seemed to be the Forum’s supply of beer.  Arrested and released once, he appeared again a few hours later sitting nude on the settee in the living room of the house drinking beer.  Rumors that it was Arthur Erickson looking for a merger partner proved unfounded.

It was officially stated at SCI-Arc Opening Ceremonies: “Yeah, the world could use more irresponsible people.”

It’s official.  The following Forum Groupies made the Architectural Digest list of the AD 100 Architects: Marc Appleton, Frank O. Gehry, Franklin D. Israel and Barton Phelps.

It’s officious.  At the recent Forum Lecture Series, Image = Reality, images flew wildly as various forum members accused each other of “re-particularizing.”

It’s official.  We’re irrelevant.  John Lautner had this to say about the Los Angeles Forum: “It’s that strange little organization that only cares about pretty pictures.”

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