The President’s Message

Los Angeles is the only phenomenon of its kind today which is home to a very diverse group of people with different cultures and ways of life. The process of making things here is strongly influenced by that diversity.

Ideas get repeated and explored throughout different cultures/periods and can be thematically or conceptually examined in context and related across time across context. We would like to expand our view and welcome ideas and suggestions.

We are in the process of organizing a young architects exhibition through the selection and review of portfolios for this year. We are also organizing different lecture series like “The Craft People” and “Point Counterpoint.”

Our publication committee has been very active thanks to Christian Hubert and John Chase. A series of pamphlets are coming out which hopefully will encourage more people to start sharing their ideas: “Architecture and Information” by Douglas Macleod is now shipping. “The L.A. School Reader” by Marco Cenzatti is now being prepared and “Towards a Psychogeography of Los Angeles” by Margaret Crawford and “Los Angeles Prototypes” by Neil Denari are in the planning stages.

Michele Saee


Babylon Davisited. Or, to boost a Debunker
Joe Day

In Search of Identity
Christian Hubert

Any Part
Peter Lipson

Special Nobody Issue

Is Anyone Building?

What do Madonna and Peter Eisenman have in common? Neither is building in Los Angeles. For that matter, neither is anyone else. In keeping with the cutting edge of philosophical discourse, the Los Angeles Forum has served up a special non-building issue – you won’t find a girder or a gutter to save yourself.

But while Madonna bares all for $7.50 and Eisenman proved unbearable for free. The current economics of the architectural profession are all too contemporary: there is a distinct presence of the absence of jobs. Nobody’s building. Nobody’s hiring. In fact, the situation is so bad that Morphosis is even laying off its free student labor.

Feel free to revel in the despair of a job market gone bad with our easy-to-use chart, dust off your resume and bombard the noble few who are hiring, and shed a tear for the countless dozens who have met their demise with two weeks severance pay and a goodbye lunch of bad Mexican food. Does it strike anyone as strange that after five years of university education and perhaps a decade of experience, architects can still be laid off with only two weeks of severance pay? But who needs a paycheck when you can listen to and read about people not talking about building?

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