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Just a few signs of Spring in an air perpetually smelling of blueprints: after the retreat of Zev, we can now look to another boy wonder/Rabbi manque to stir things up. Daniel Liebeskind, sage of surefooted-multitextual-quotational-and mechanized metaphysics of phoenix-like architecture, will be accepting a chair at UCLA. The real machines, though, will be constructed by techno-dudes Holt, Hioshaw Pfau Jones, who will be designing that August University cogeneration plant. The Duke of Westwood and the Dean of Lies are succeeding in their campaigns. While the fortresses of downtown rise ever higher every day, Frank Gehry is planting a copper snake in the Postmodern grass of the Neo-Spanish Neo-steps Lawrence Halprin is suggesting for Library Square. Look for new restaurants by Michele Saee in Marina del Rey and Josh Schweitzer on La Brea, and for Frank Israel’s Walker Art Center carts to be pulled up at the Pacific Design Center to display their gridded wonder boxes of projects. In the meantime, the fabled riches of Postmodernism will be denied to the citizens of West Hollywood who, accustomed to dearth and death, have decided to take civic architecture back into the closet.

Aaron Betsky

An amusing sport in West Hollywood is “Confuse the Vendeur” at Maxfield’s. Simply up-the-ante on the cloying shadows there by asking them if they know Joseph. Either they will, in which case they transmogrify into one’s best friend this side of Sloane St. – or else they’ll be far too embarrassed to admit the gaffe. In any event, you will have made a deep impression, since this Melrose boutique to conspicuous minimalism is a kind of overcooked appropriation of the Basque-Moroccan’s sly menagerie in London. Joseph (ne Ettedui) has not only promoted, Hammnett, Miyake, Alaia et al., but has also furthered the image of Eileen Grey, Ron Arad and Gae Aulenti, by juxtaposing their pieces with his expensive rags and commissioning Foster, Chipperfield and most auspiciously Eva Jiricna to design his stores. Now Joseph apparently needs “an exceptional piece of furniture upholstered in exquisite hide.” The winner is to be manufactured and the two runners-up exhibited in Joseph’s latest emporium. Either a drawing or model will suffice. The jury includes Joseph, Jiricna, Min Hogg of “World of Interiors” and Deyan Sudjic of “Blueprint”. Applications are available from Anthony (Hussey or Simon Adley, The Connolly Prize, Wandie Bank, London SW19 1DW – Telephone (011-44-1)543-4661. Submit your leather chair by June 1, join the famed and the fab in the mags. Good luck!

Raymund Ryan


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