Opening on May 22nd 2009, LA FORUM EVENTS @ W.H.E* will host a 6-week exhibit of Wes Jones’ original and processual artwork for the cartoon strip he designed and drew for the seminal ANY magazine** starting with the 10th issue and ending with the 27th, and last, one.

For the first time since their enigmatic X-Files-like disappearance The Nelsons, protagonists of the eponymous cartoon strip, will be brought together in one place. After the passage of almost a decade, ‘meeting’ with the characters once more and in this manner will undoubtedly stir the complex emotions associated with reunions. Via one of the most unlikely and lighthearted of mediums the exhibit audience will revisit not only the original cast but also the serious disciplinary provocations they last engaged.

Accompanying the exhibit will be a new essay by Wes Jones (see GALLERY GUIDE below) and a gallery conversation between Jones and Craig Hodgetts, FAIA.

The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design extends its deep gratitude to Cynthia Davidson and the Anyone Corporation ( for the friendship extended to us in the build-up of this exhibit.

Meet the Nelsons
Exhibition open from May 22–July 5, 2009
Opening reception May 22 at 7pm
6518 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles

*Woodbury Hollywood Exhibitions

**Information on back issues of ANY Magazine