The Page, an Interactive Exhibition of Artists’ Books

Curated by Karin Lanzoni and Rachelle W. Chuang

May 20 – June 15, 2010
OPENING RECEPTION May 20, 2010 / 7-10 PM

Gallery Hours: 1-5 pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Reading area designed by Linda Chung and Dan Herman

The artist’s book is a little known creative genre in which an artist presents his or her ideas in the form of a book.  For this survey exhibition, thirty-three artists from a broad range of studio art practices were asked to submit one page (as they define it) from one of their own artist’s books to mount on the walls of the gallery.  The featured artists—painters, photographers, sculptors, graphic designers, printers, performance artists, and book artists—employ distinctive strategies and techniques.  A cursory view of the artists’ pages on the gallery walls underscores the diverse and often contradictory forms of this contemporary multiple.  Some pages are terse and conceptual; involve an institutional critique; or are modeled on existing types of books.  Others borrow aesthetics from a wide range of fine arts practices and are playful and collaborative, utilizing different mediums and surprising materials.  Some comment on other formal issues–while other pieces grapple with contemporary culture, focusing on controversial or difficult social and political issues.  The books themselves are either mass-produced; self-published via different printing techniques; or made by hand through traditional bookbinding practices.

Contrary to most fine art forms, the artist’s book is viewed best when an individual interacts with the book itself.  In order to promote this kind of unique interaction, the main area of the gallery is a “reading area” designed to be intimate, but provocative.  All of the “pages” on the walls are contextualized within their original books, which are placed on tables with chairs, such that the viewer/reader can sit and handle the actual artists’ book or a facsimile produced by the artist.  Selected by the architects, Linda Chung and Dan Herman, nine LA-based architects were asked to design and contribute a chair to this exhibition.  Chung/Herman also designed the modular tables to display the books, using cardboard—a book-like material—to underscore the physical connection between the books and furniture.  Sitting in every chair makes for a varied experience, each one devised by a different designer — just as each page has been created by a different artist.

Reading area chairs by:
Renee Dake Wilson and Brian Wilson, Dake Wilson Architects
Tim Durfee, Durfee/Regn
Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, Andrea Dietz and Matthew Milton, f.l.u.f.f.
Pierpaolo Granata
Tom Marble, Marble Architecture
Chris Puzio
Nathan Swift and Gloria Lee, Swift Lee Office
Warren Techentin with Nima Payan and Machine Histories
Chris Warren, WORD

Participating artist books by:
Rheim Alkadhi
Michael Asher
Kim Beck
Stephen Berens
Sarah Bryant
David Bunn
Robin Cameron
Carolee Campbell
Macy Chadwick
Rebecca Chamlee
Colin Cook
Harrell Fletcher
Christine Forsythe
Dan Goodsell
Nancy Jo Haselbacher
Deborah Hede
Margaret Honda
David Horvitz
Steven Hull
Amos Kennedy
Mark Robert Lewis
Steve Miller
Susan Porteous
Sue Ann Robinson
Moira Roth and Slobodan Dan Paich
Jerome Saint-Loubert Bie
Robbin Ami Silverberg
Sumi Ink Club
Katie Lewis Underwood
Susan Viguers
Susan Weintz
Michelle Wilson
Jenny Yoshida


Essays by  co-curator Karin Lanzoni on the premise behind the show and brief descriptions of each of the 30 books that have ‘single pages’ in the exhibit.


Two posters describing the individual works by artists in the show, as well as the chairs and tables designed by architects for the show.

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