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The Los Angeles Forum for Architectural and Urban Design presents

The Green of Plant
Architecture without Buildings
Another spacey discussion from the gals and guys at the Forum
Architects who think they’re artists
In Space
Inventing Space
The Brown of Dirt

Beyond Buildings: Art with Walls

October 28
Beyond Collaboration
Christopher Knight
LA Times Art Critic

November 4
Domestic Dialogues
Roy McMakin
Furniture Maker / Building Designer

November 11
Installing Poetry
Amy Gerstler
Poet / Artist / Critic

November 18
Pure Prisms
James Carpenter
Light and Glass Artist

November 25
The Blue of Sky
Robert Millar
Public Art Artist

All lectures are held at 7:30 pm at the Schindler House, 835 N Kings Road, West Hollywood.  $7.00 non-members, free to members, for information please call 213 852 7145.

Where they can be found:

Christopher Knight:
daily in the Los Angeles Times

Roy McMakin:
Domestic Furniture, Beverly Blvd.

Amy Gerstler:
Beyond Baroque, Venice

James Carpenter:
Southern California Gas Center Building,
lobby interiors

Robert Millar:
Thomas Soloman’s Garage on Fairfax and soon to be at the Metro Red Line

Michele Saee, President
John Chase, Vice President
Julee Silliman, Secretary I Treasurer

Events Committee
Peter Lipson, Chairperson
Aaron Betsky
John Chase
Kris Miller
Michele Saee
Julee Silliman
Alice Kimm
Deborah Murphy

Sean Adams

Board of Directors
Shelley A. Berger
Aaron Betsky
John Chase
Christian Hubert
John Kaliski
Douglas Macleod
Kris Miller
Deborah Murphy
Michael Pittas
Michele Saee
Natalie Shivers
Julee Silliman

Board of Advisors
Tony Bill
Julia Bloomfield
Pamela Burton
Peter de Bretteville
Fred Fisher
Kurt Forster
Frank Gehry
Elyse Grinstein
Robert Harris
Thomas Hines
Craig Hodgetts
Frank Israel
Richard Keating
Barton Myers
Michael Rotondi
Abby Sher
Richard Weinstein
Roland Wiley

Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design
Schindler House
835 N Kings Road
W Hollywood, California
213 852 7145