The Los Angeles Forum for Architectural and Urban Design

Living on the Edge


Saturday, October 29, 9-11:30 am
Harold Hotel, 323 East Fifth Street
Workshop: Homelessness and Shelter; with Andy Robeson,
Director, SRO Housing Corporation
Limited to 15 people

Monday, October 31, 7:30 pm
The Schindler House, 835 North King’s Road
Design Charrette: Accessory Housing in the Valley; with Richard Weinstein and Bill Baehr.
A challenge to design structures which intensify the use of the standard suburban lot.  Open to all, one board, 20” x 30”, due November 14; communal judging
Please reserve a place in either event by calling Aaron (938-6826) or John (933-4182) NOW


The Los Angeles Forum for Architectural and Urban Design

Fall 1988 Series

Living on the Edge: Towards and Architecture of Housing
This fall the Forum will investigate how architecture can respond to the changing needs for housing in Southern California. “Living on the Edge: Towards an Architecture of Urban Housing” will comprise three panel discussions, one tour, and a design charrette.  The series will focus on the housing crisis in Los Angeles end explore new models for buildings which can provide both shelter and accomodation.  Our premise is that housing should be both a home and the basis of a larger community.

“Living on the Edge” will propose that a redefinition of “housing” is necessary for two reasons.  One: there is a severe shortage of adequate, appropriate, and affordable shelter.  Two: there are few clear models for the kind of housing which accomodates the complex needs of varied user groups.  We suggest that architects must develop alternatives to the single family home, the apartment house, and a residential vocabulary derived from and appropriate to a society predominantly made up of nuclear families.  Beyond the crisis of shelter lies the crisis of community and its absence in our culture.  Our architecture must address both these issues.


Monday, September 26 – 7:30 pm - MOCA Library 250 S. Grand Ave.
Case Studies: Experimentation and Research in Los Angeles Housing.
A discussion with Thomas Hines (Professor, UCLA), Elizabeth Smith (Curator, MOCA), Robert Winter (Professor, Occidental College), and David Gebhard (Director, UCSB Architectural Collections).
A historical survey of attempts to make a residential architecture specific to the landscape, climate, society, and technology of Southern California.

Monday, October 3 – 7:30 pm - MOCA Library 250 S. Grand Ave.
The Shelter Crisis.
A discussion with Gary Squier (Mayor Bradley’s Housing Co-ordinator), Virginia Tanzmann (Architect), Michael Deer (Professor, USC), and Jennifer Wolch (Professor, USC).
A review of the scope and nature of the housing crisis in Los Angeles and an examination of possible means to solve this injustice.

Monday, October 17 – 7:30 pm - MOCA Library 250 S. Grand Ave.
A House is Not a Home: Community Building.
A discussion with Allan Hankin (Professor, UCLA), John Mutlow (Architect), Dana Cuff (Professor, USC), and Julie Eizenberg.
An exploration into alternative models for the design of structures to house the activities of everyday life.

Time and Place to be Announced
Workshop: Homeless and Shelter in Downtown.
A walk-through end discussion of facilities for the homeless and for very-low-income individuals in downtown Los Angeles.  (Limited to ten people).

Monday, October 31 – Monday, November 14 – Place to be Announced/
Design Charrette: Housing at the End of the Road: Garage Conversations.
Forum members and other interested designers will be asked to explore the conversion of a two-car garage into a living space.  The problem will be handed out with a discussion of the real requirements and constraints on such conversations, and will be due two weeks later.  AT the final meeting, participants will be asked to present their proposals and to collectively judge the results of the charrette.  The Forum will publish selected projects in a forthcoming pamphlet.

Admission: Forum members may attend all events free of charge, although there will be a $10 fee for members participating in the Design Charrette.  There will be a $7 admission charge per event for non-members and a $20 fee for non-members participating in the Charrette.

For more information, contact: John Kaliski (213) 933-4182 or Aaron Betsky (213) 938-6826.

Contact Christian Hubert (213) 389-6730 for membership info.