Go West!

Will China’s New Megacities conquer the world?

Thursday, September 27th, 7pm
LA Forum Events @ WUHO
Back Gallery
6518 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

The LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design presents a lecture and discussion with Daan Roggeveen of GO WEST PROJECT.  China is creating the largest urban society the world has ever seen. Small towns in Central and Western China are transforming at breakneck pace into huge metropolises with many millions of inhabitants. Architect Daan Roggeveen and journalist Michiel Hulshof travelled to twenty of these emerging cities and described them in their book How the City Moved to Mr Sun – China’s New Megacities.

In his talk, Roggeveen will challenge assumptions about the nature of Chinese society, and discusses the question: will China transform its triumph of brick and concrete into a model that will conquer the world?  A discussion with geographer Rick Miller and writer Guy Horton will follow the lecture.

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Daan Roggeveen is a Shanghai-based architect. Together with journalist Michiel Hulshof, he founded and oversees the Go West Project, a multidisciplinary research and design studio focusing on emerging megacities. The studio has a deep interest in urban cultures and wants to understand and contribute to them through research, architecture and media.

Rick Miller is a geographer from UCLA.  His research, based in Mongolia and China, investigates how people build and use urban spaces. His interests range from the visible manifestations of such places to the less tangible economic, political, and legal structures that support or constrain the construction of cities. Miller is a recent member of the LA Forum board of directors.

Guy Horton writes “The Indicator”, a weekly column on and is a frequent contributor to The Architect’s Newspaper, Architectural Record, GOOD Magazine, and Metropolis. He also writes on architecture for The Huffington Post. Prior to pursuing architecture he studied Chinese literature and art as a PhD student at UCLA. Fluent in Mandarin, he has lived and traveled extensively in China and throughout Asia. He received his M.Arch from SCI-Arc and as a designer has extensive experience on China projects.