Pamp_MTN    Pamphlet 6: Meet the Nelsons, by Wes Jones

Meet the Nelsons documents “The Nelsons,” Wes Jones’s notorious comic strip that appeared in ANY Magazine (Architecture New York) from 1994 to 2001. Pamphlet 6 in our pamphlet series follows the LA Forum exhibition of the same name held in Summer 2009.

01.16.2010 |||||

  Pamp_PPlane    Pamphlet 5: Pendulum Plane, by Oyler Wu Collaborative

This Pamphlet documents the design, fabrication, and installation of Oyler Wu Collaborative’s Pendulum Plane, their bold, competition-winning intervention at the L.A. Forum’s new gallery in Hollywood.

08.01.2009 ||||

  Pamp4_AftertheCity    Pamphlet 4: After The City, This (Is How We Live), by Tom Marble

Using the structure of a screenplay to tell the story, architect Tom Marble takes the reader inside the minds of the people on both sides of the development conflict – those seeing land as a commodity for profit, and those who see it as a valued resource for all to enjoy.

12.01.2008 |||||||

  Pamp_PolarInertia    Pamphlet 3: Polar Inertia, by Ted Kane

Architect Ted Kane takes a critical look at how city life predicated on total mobility and utterly dependent upon the corporate-controlled wireless world is expanding the meaning of urbanity while constricting the bedrock virtue of citizenship.

03.01.2008 |||||

  Cov_OutWindow    Pamphlet 2: Out the Window (LAX)

In Forum Pamphlet 2, contemporary artist Zoe Crosher takes the viewer on an exploratory journey inside the impersonal and transient travel world surrounding the mega international airport, LAX.

07.01.2007 ||||

  Pamp_Deadmalls    Pamphlet 1: Dead Malls

The Forum announces a return to its printed pamphlet series, beginning with a pamphlet for the Dead Malls competition. Featuring the work of all five finalists in color as well as other entrants in the competition, this pamphlet critically investigates […]

05.13.2003 ||||

  Pamp_BldgParanoia    Building Paranoia: The Proliferation of Interdictory Space and the Erosion of Spatial Justice

Case studies documenting the privatization of what was once public space though methods such as street barricades, fortification, security systems, etc.

01.15.1994 |||

  Pamp_LASchool    Los Angeles and the L.A. School by Marco Cenzatti

Los Angeles and the L.A. School by Marco Cenzatti accompanied by a reproductions of a painting series on Los Angeles, “Skycam,” by artist Peter Alexander. Designed by Christopher Vice. Cenzatti introduces the work of a group of urban theorists known […]

01.01.1993 ||||||||||

  suisman    Los Angeles Boulevard: Eight X-Rays of the Body Public by Douglas R. Suisman

A 72-page pamphlet divided into eight in-depth analyses of Los Angeles’ Boulevards.

01.01.1989 |||||||||

  PUB_LA.77-2-mudford    35mm Works by Photographer Grant Mudford

A book of twenty of Mudford’s black and white photographs of every day architecture in several American cities, including Los Angeles.   The book was designed and handbound by architect Gary Paige. Released in Spring, 1988. Both photos: Los Angeles, […]

04.01.1988 ||

  Pamp_Crawford_thumb    The Ecology of Fantasy by Margaret Crawford

An essay describing the relationship between theme parks and modern American urbanism. This essay discusses how Reyner Banham’s autopia acts as a device for facilitating the melding of Jean Baudrillard’s hyper-reality, as embodied by themed environments such as Disneyland’s Main Street, into the true reality of urban Los Angeles.

01.01.1988 ||||||