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  leahBeeferman-004    Leah Beeferman

Subtle structures, Non-measurable objects, Interchangeable sequences, Events over time, Uncertain spaces (indeterminate), Interference and accumulations, Invented collisions (and their results), Invented events, Transparent events, Invisible architecture


  2011_OG6.JG-1    Liminal Drift – Jennifer Gilman

Liminal Drift – Jennifer Gilman
LA Forum website Online Gallery, Summer 2011.

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  2011_OG6-JBG_Gallery1_8    Liminal Drift: Series 1

Liminal Drift: Series 1
LA Forum website Online Gallery, Summer 2011.


  2011_OG6-JBG_Gallery2_1    Liminal Drift: Series 2

Liminal Drift: Series 2
LA Forum website Online Gallery, Summer 2011.


  2011_OG6-JBG_Gallery3_5    Liminal Drift: Series 3

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  2011_OG6-JBG_Gallery4_1    Liminal Drift: Series 4

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  2011_OG6-JBG_Gallery5_2    Liminal Drift: Series 5

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  Borders    Tm Gratkowski

Text and Images by Tm Gratkowski Beyond Merzbau, ready-mades, combines, deconstruction, and mash-ups lies a tangle of fragmented vignettes, patterns, and colors where one encounters thought-provoking words, images, and stories and the experience is visceral as well as intellectual. What, […]

03.05.2011 (1)    Incendiary Traces, Images and Text by Hillary Mushkin

Landscapes—the spaces we live in—are framed pictorially. Landscape images produce compelling myths and wield political power. In international relations they can highlight or fabricate virtues and erase the appearance of violence. In this way, are landscape images a kind of psy-ops—a weapon? Can picturing landscapes also be a political intervention?

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  Habitation 2 higher resolution image    Paradoxical Constructions – Deborah Hede

Word Origins & Histories dwell bef. 900; ME dwellen to lead astray, stun, abide, OE dwellan to lead or go astray, hinder refuge 1350–1400;  ME < MF < L refugium, equiv. to refug ( ere ) to turn and flee, […]

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  ehrlich_a    Perpetual Present, by Ken Ehrlich

The notions of “invisibility” and “future” have long been linked in the traditions of philosophy, hence of critical thought; one may thus say that an “art of seeing” belongs to what it is to think.  A turning point arises when […]

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  17    Skid Row, Los Angeles, by g frank gessel

This area contains one of the largest homeless populations in the United States. Most of the photos in this series were made in the courtyard of the Midnight Mission where sanctuary has been provided for those who have nowhere else […]

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  Opie_2    Banham’s Four Ecologies Revisited

Banham’s Four Ecologies Revisited: A series of images revisiting Reyner Banham’s view of Los Angeles thirty-five years after his seminal book Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies (1971) was published. The book was considered not only one of the […]

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