ForumNL_SU15_0710_hires red.pdf    LA Forum Summer 2015 Newsletter

For a downloadable PDF copy of the Newsletter Click Here This time, we have lavished our attention on some hard-to-love architectural monuments. The genesis of the theme for this installment of the LA Forum Newsletter grew out of our own […]

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  ForumNLSummer_ToPrinter_0702_Spreads-1    LA Forum Summer 2014 Newsletter

For a downloadable PDF copy of the Newsletter click here You are here. And also here. And over there. And there and there and there, too. This edition of the LA Forum Newsletter began with a loose-fitting idea around virtual and […]

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      LA Forum Fall 2013 Newsletter

For a downloadable PDF copy of the Newsletter click here Public. Civic. Urban. Community. The Fall 2013 issue of the LA Forum Newsletter, picks up a question from Lewis Mumford “What is a City?” In 1937 he defined the city […]

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  130326_ALLOFTHEGREATONESLEAK_forumcolor_web_72dpi    LA Forum Spring 2013 Newsletter

The premiere issue of the newly relaunched newsletter, debuting in March 2013, features articles by Frank Escher and Simon Reynolds, as well as an interview with Radio Iris author Anne-Marie Kinney and a centerfold by James Michael Tate.

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      Downtown, by Todd Gannon

Like many Angelinos, I come from the Midwest. And in Midwestern cities like the Cleveland of my birth, when somebody says Downtown, everybody knows what is being talked about. Downtown is where the tall buildings are. Los Angeles, of course, […]

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  Beckman Auditorium, CalTech    Forum Issue 7: Late Moderns

Edited by Tom Marble After the Second World War, cities devastated by the conflict had to rebuild themselves. Los Angeles, devastated by self-inflicted Urban Renewal, began the rebuilding process soon after. This issue examines the several ways in which corporate […]

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  FI-6_Zellner_02    Forum Issue 6: A Note on Downtown

Edited by Vinayak Bharne and Alan A. Loomis After the Second World War, cities devastated by the conflict had to rebuild themselves. Los Angeles, devastated by self-inflicted Urban Renewal, began the rebuilding process soon after. This issue examines the several […]

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  FI-5_Mogel_5    Forum Issue 5: Parks

Edited by Alan A. Loomis and Lize Mogel With summer upon us, and the outdoors beckoning, the Forum turns its attention to parks and recreational landscapes in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Through a series of essays, projects, and case studies, […]

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  FI-4_Loomis_1    Forum Issue 4: Consuming the City

Edited by Alan A. Loomis In the context of the Dead Malls competition, the winter edition of the Forum’s newsletter examines the landscape and infrastructure of commerce. Covering both new and old shopping malls and districts, it provides a framework […]

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  FI-3_Burnett-Stuart-2_4    Forum Issue 3: Rethinking Housing

Edited by Barbara Lamprecht The spring issue of the Forum’s online newsletter on housing explores innovative and alternative housing in the past and in the present, examining failures as well as successes. Articles: The Case Against Standardization by Morris Newman […]

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  FI-2_Lamprecht_1    Forum Issue 2: Gehry and Moneo Under Construction

Edited by Tim Durfee and Jack Burnett-Stuart Our second newsletter is now online. This time we address two new Los Angeles landmarks: Raphael Moneo’s Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall. ARTICLES: Ruins and […]

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  LACMA_Singley_1    The Curator Against the City by Paulette Singley

“US museums: growing pleasures – or pains” The Ms Rich [Director of LACMA] doubts that the project would involve the demolition of every existing structure on the campus: “Some would like to do that. I think it’s pretty unrealistic.” […]


  LACMA_Varnelis_1    Cathedrals of the Culture Industry by Kazys Varnelis

This article is the second in a series for the journal Pasajes de Arquitectura y Critica [Madrid] examining the relationship of a spectacularized contemporary architecture, the city, and capital. The other two are: “Hallucination in Seattle. Frank Gehry’s Experience Music […]


      Goodbye, Modern

The past year has seen the demolition of significant works by LA’s best known modernists: Schindler’s Wolfe House and Neutra’s Maslon House. The Forum presents laments for recently demolished houses by David Leclerc and Barbara Lamprecht, authorities on Schindler and […]

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  LACMA_Singley_4    LACMA On Fire

In response to the recent superstar competition for the redesign of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Forum presents a special feature on LACMA, LACMA on Fire: The Curator against the City by Forum board member Paulette Singley […]


  FI-3_Burnett-Stuart-1_1    Scharoun / Mies : Gehry / Moneo ? by Jack Burnett-Stuart

Reading Architektur als Komposition, a recently published book by the German architect Mike Wilkens, my attention was caught by his descriptions of visits he made to the construction sites of Mies’ Nationalgalerie and Scharoun’s Philharmonie while he was studying in […]


      Meiered: Moca’s “What’s Shakin': New Architecture in L. A.” by Joe Day

An exhibit of eight much-anticipated public projects in Los Angeles, “What’s Shakin': New Architecture in LA,” has just finished its run at the Geffen Contemporary and the Pacific Design Center. Though well advertised and attended, with a media campaign including […]

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  OA_Bergren_top    A Model Staging Area or, Why Ann Bergren’s Thesis is so Beautiful by Rachel Allenny

Ann Bergren had taught architecture in Los Angeles at SCI-Arc and UCLA since 1987. In 1996 she interrupted this influential career to attend Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Her M. Arch. thesis, a Theater for Architecture and Dance, extends some […]

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      Richard Koshalek on The Exhibition “At the End of the Century: One Hundred Years of Architecture”

interview by michael darling Michael Darling interviews Richard Koshalek, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, about “At the End of the Century: One Hundred Years of Architecture,” an exhibition he organized with MOCA Curator Elizabeth Smith. The […]

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      The Life and Death of Great American Freeways : The 710 Case Study

by John Dutton The highway is perhaps the most ambivalently celebrated feature of the post-war American landscape. On one hand, it is heralded as a symbol of progress and growth, and on the other criticized as a symbol of insensitive […]


      Mike Davis, On Anything but the Ecology of Fear

Mike Davis interview by Joe Day Just before departing on a promotional junket for Ecology of Fear (Metropolitan, 1998), Mike Davis took a couple of hours one morning to answer some questions from the Forum. He had just completed a […]


      The New Aliso Village and the Ideology of the Fresh Start

by jack burnett-stuart Rookeries and Model Dwellings In nineteenth century London, a campaign for housing reform succeeded in completely liquidating the notorious rookeries, old pockets of the inner city that housed large numbers of the urban poor in the meanest, […]


  NL_1998-LateSpring-Cover-Cut    LA Forum Newsletter – Late Spring 1998: The Newsletter


Environmental Design Art Center
Patricia Oliver

Lesbian Domesticity: Catherine Opie
Rachel Allen

Pilgrimage .01 Albert Frey + His aluminum Houses
{No author}

Players in Search of a Game: The River Though Downtown Conference
Jack Burnett-Stuart

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  Newsletter_1997-Fall-Cover    LA Forum Newsletter – Late Fall 1997: School Status Report

The Forum spoke with the heads of seven local architecture and design programs to inquire how the schools are rethinking design education in the face of accelerated cultural production, changes necessitated by new technologies, and altered societal relations between the design community, the producing/constructing sector and the lay public.

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  Newsletter_1997-Summer.pdf    LA Forum Newsletter – Summer 1997: Urban Assault Issue


Postscript, After 7 Years
Grahame Shane

Steven Flusty on Skid Row
Steven Flusty

The Shower Truck
Li Wen

Andrew Castrucci/Dystopia Deferred
Joe Day

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  NL_1997-Summer_Cover.Title    LA Forum Newsletter – Summer 1997: Summer Reading Issue

For this issue we compiled a reading list of suggestions from our friends and colleagues. Grahame Shane describes incursions made by alternate voices and views of the city in Postmodern Cities and Spaces, Joe Day argues for a broadening of architectural vision in a decade of pragmatism in his review of the Dia Art Foundation Discussion Series, Kevin O’Brien poses alternatives to erudition in his review of Compulsive Beauty, Tom Marble describes the materialization of a screenplay in the mind of a designer and Arden Yang presents the architectural imaginings of a movie producer. In closing this issue, we remember the passing of a good friend.

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  Newsletter_1995-December.pdf    LA Forum Newsletter – December 1995: Urban Landscapes

IN THIS ISSUE: Lesley Marlene Siegel documents the personalization of an ubiquitous element in Los Angeles’ urban landscape. Four architects, John Chase, John Kaliski, Mohsen Mostafavi and John Dutton set out parameters for urban design in the face of late capitalism. Gary Strang proposes designs for an engineered landscape.

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  Newsletter_1995-May.pdf    LA Forum Newsletter – May 1995: Projects

IN THIS ISSUE: Jennifer Siegal and Todd Erlandson document the collage of pre-fabricated parts in a Mexican village off Highway 1. Grahame Shane critiques the Koolhaas show at MoMA as an essay on the problem of dispersion, the media, architecture and the metropolis. Peter Samarin explores the operations of a computer program as a new set of conventions for the creation of architectural form.

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  Newsletter_1994-October_FULL    LA Forum Newsletter – October 1994: Contested Territories

What is the proper territory for the practice of architecture?: We interview Margaret Crawford on distinctions between art and architecture, Eric Kahn writes to Robert Stern on the destruction of architecture from within, and Scott Cohen argues for uncovering a different relationship between architecture and its subject through formal research. Pat Morton provides additional insight into our many Urban Revisions.

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  NL_1994-May_Cover.cropped    LA Forum Newsletter – May 1994: Los Angeles Urbanism

THE AIA CONVENTION COMES TO TOWN: David Jensen and Joe Day take issue with the state of the profession. Robert Adams presents our own Broadway District with new eyes. Fred Dewey describes the consequences of ‘Cyburbia.’

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  Newsletter_1994-February    LA Forum Newsletter – February 1994: Los Angeles Urbanism

Public space and urbanism are discussed in articles by Fred Dewey, Chava Danielson and in an introduction to the Forum lecture series by John Dutton. These are also the topics for upcoming symposia sponsored by MOCA, the Forum and the Getty Center.

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  Newsletter_1993-August.pdf    LA Forum Newsletter – August 1993: Science, Architecture, Technology

Essays on cyberspace, VR, AI, information panopticons, Shin Takamatsu and hospital design by Rachel Allen, Aaron Betsky, gordon kipping and an interview with Christian Hubert by Stephen Perrella.

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  Newsletter_1993-February    LA Forum Newsletter – February 1993: The Mediated Environment

Essays on EuroDisney and other urban landscapes by Frank Owen Gehry, Andrea Kahn, Nina B. Lesser, Jonathan Massey, Dana L. Weber, Nicholas Lowe, a photo essay by Kristine Larsen, and more Nomadic Thoughts.

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  Newsletter_1992-September-Cover.jpg    LA Forum Newsletter – September 1992: Experimental Architecture in Los Angeles


Whose Beach Party is this Anyway? Architecture and its Audience
John Chase

Letter from Vienna
Terence Riley

Experimental Architecture in Los Angeles
Nina Lesser

Nomadic Thoughts
Aarden Hank

James Stirling: Full Frontal Up View
Aaron Betsky

09.01.1992 |||||||

  Spring_1992-Cover    LA Forum Newsletter – Spring 1992: Spring Collection

Sylvia Lavin guest edits this issue, soliciting statements from various participants in various initiatives, which offers an educational glimpse of the lay of the changing architectural land regarding the education of an architect.

04.01.1992 ||||||||||||||

  NL_1991-September-Cover-Cut_sm    LA Forum Newsletter – September 1991


RE: defining the American Dream
Alison Lynn

Dream On
John Chase

State of the Art
Joe Day

Home on the Range
Aaron Betsky

I Like X
Douglas MacLeod

09.01.1991 ||||||

  NL_1991-JuneJuly-Cover    LA Forum Newsletter – June/July 1991


Babylon Davisited. Or, to boost a Debunker
Joe Day

In Search of Identity
Christian Hubert

Any Part
Peter Lipson

06.30.1991 ||||||||||||

  NL_1991-MarchApril-Cover-Cut_sm.jpg    LA Forum Newsletter – March/April 1991


Chaos and its (Dis)Contents: The Boys O’Freud
Joe Day

Violated Perfection: A Critical Review
Diane Ghirardo

The Armand Hammer Museum and Mausoleum or Life After Death, Building Beyond Blandness
Aaron Betsky

03.01.1991 |||||

  Newsletter_1990-October-November-Cover-Cut_sm.jpg    LA Forum Newsletter – October/November 1990


Two Recent Defeats
Aaron Betsky

How Can I Miss You When You Wont’ Go Away?
John Chase

Them vs Us
Ben Caffey

Jumbo Size Architecture
Alan Hess

10.01.1990 |||||

  NL_1990-May_Cover.jpg    LA Forum Newsletter – May 1990: Stucco Box – Part I

Articles by Douglas MacLeod, John Chase, Deborah Murphy

05.01.1990 ||||

  Newsletter_1990-February-Cut2    LA Forum Newsletter – February 1990


A City Transformed
Ben Caffey

Public Planning: The Physical Paradigm
Michael Pittas

Shopping for the Beverly Center
Aaron Betsky

Duchampian Dudes Missing Waves
Raymund Ryan

02.01.1990 |||||||

  Newsletter_1989-December_Cover    LA Forum Newsletter – December 1989


The Playa Vista Alternative
Liz Moule

The Absent Debate
Aaron Betsky

Shopping for Architecture: The Sequel
John Chase

12.01.1989 |||||

  Newsletter_1989-October-Cover_sm.jpg    LA Forum Newsletter – October 1989


Covering the Basin
by Ben Caffey

Fragments, Out There
by Aaron Betsky

Shopping for Architecture
by John Chase

A Discourse on Critical Digression
by John Kaliski

10.01.1989 |||||||

  Newsletter_Number7_1c    LA Forum Newsletter – April 1989


Seagate Update
Kevin O’Brien

Modest Houses in the Tradition of Southern California Architecture
Frauke Neumeyer

The California Project
Christine Cinciripini

UCLA Center for Regional Policy Studies
Christine Cinciripini

04.01.1989 ||||||

  Newsletter_Issue_06_Cover.jpg    LA Forum Newsletter – January 1989


Towards Designed Public Spaces in LA
John Kaliski

01.01.1989 |||

  Untitled-1    LA Forum Newsletter – November 1988


Futurist Flaneurs and Fashion
Ray Ryan

Notes on the Edge
Christian Hubert

11.01.1988 ||||

  1988-June_Cover    LA Forum Newsletter – June 1988

This issue includes an essay called “The Ecology of Fantasy” by Margaret Crawford, which describes the relationship between theme parks and modern American urbanism. This essay discusses how Reyner Banham’s autopia acts as a device for facilitating the melding of Jean Baudrillard’s hyper-reality, as embodied by themed environments such as Disneyland’s Main Street, into the true reality of urban Los Angeles.


  Pamp_Crawford_thumb    The Ecology of Fantasy by Margaret Crawford

An essay describing the relationship between theme parks and modern American urbanism. This essay discusses how Reyner Banham’s autopia acts as a device for facilitating the melding of Jean Baudrillard’s hyper-reality, as embodied by themed environments such as Disneyland’s Main Street, into the true reality of urban Los Angeles.

01.01.1988 ||||||

  Newsletter_Number2_Cover    LA Forum Newsletter – March 1987

The Forum is a place, whether temporal or spatial, for the discussion of ideas and concepts related to architecture and urban design in Los Angeles. But the Forum is also an (ongoing) process of production. Our bi-monthly newsletter and pamphlets are extensions of our events and a central component of our activities.

03.01.1987 ||

  Newsletter_1987-January_no1_compiled2-1_CoverCut    LA Forum Newsletter – January 1987: Swimming to Suburbia

Featuring an essay by Craig Hodgetts called “Swimming to Suburbia: Some Thoughts on the New City and How it Came to be That Way”

01.01.1987 ||||