attachment-2    Linear City Closing Reception & Gallery Talk

The LA Forum Presents: A Private Gallery talk and reception with photographer Lane Barden Private Gallery Talk Closing Reception: Thursday, June 31, 7 pm (members-only event) LA Forum Events @ WUHO Gallery 6518 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028 LA […]

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      Linear City/The Big Atlas of L.A. Pools

The LA Forum Presents: Linear City and The Big Atlas of L.A. Pools June 19 – August 2, 2014 Opening Reception: Thursday, June 19, 7 to 10 pm (free and open to the public) LA Forum Events @ WUHO Gallery […]

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      LA Forum in Rotterdam

LA Forum in Rotterdam The LA Forum is proud to be participating in this year’s International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR). The summer 2014 edition, curated by the Dutch landscape architect Dirk Sijmons, explores the theme “Urban by Nature.” Developed by board member Orhan […]

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      2014 Exhibitions Request for Proposals

Image: 2013 LA Forum Exhibitions HOW SMALL IS TOO SMALL & BY-RIGHT/BY-DESIGN Request for Summer 2014 Exhibition Proposals Deadline: Monday, December 2, 2013 The LA Forum announces a request for proposals for our Summer 2014 exhibitions. In keeping with the Forum’s […]

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      How Small is Too Small BY-Right/BY-Design

The LA Forum Presents Two Concurrent Exhibitions: How Small is Too Small and BY-Right/BY-Design LA Forum Events @ WUHO Gallery 6518 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028 Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, noon to 5 pm In 2010, according to […]

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  2012_UnfinishedBus_LogoMain    Unfinished Business Retrospective Exhibition

The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design announces a major retrospective exhibition:
UNFINISHED BUSINESS – 25 Years of Discourse in Los Angeles, running from July 13th through August 26th, 2012 at the WUHO Gallery in Los Angeles.


  2011_EXBT_LTLsmall    4 Projects: 4 Scales – LTL Architects

This exhibit is comprised of four recent project by the New York based firm Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis Architects (LTL). The projects range from 69 million to 108 square feet, yet each is predicated on a strategy of optimistic opportunism, whereby experiments and inventions are teased out of the very constraints of each project. This site specific installation foregrounds the productive roll of drawing in LTL’s work, turning the walls and floor into etched and printed surfaces.

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  Parks exhibition advertisement    New Park Design in Los Angeles

Within the past five years many important parks have been designed for a wide variety of areas within the Los Angeles Basin. Yet there has been little discussion about these parks: what they look like, how they function, and how they relate to contemporary Los Angeles. This exhibition will survey six major parks that are currently being designed, that are in construction, or have been completed recently.

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  EXBT10_WachsmannVer    Konrad Wachsmann Reconsidered

This exhibition examines three projects by the architect Konrad Wachsmann (1901-1980), focusing on the detailed methods of assembly inherent in the work through the use of digitally derived drawings, models and animations.

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  First Place: Carmen C. Cham, James Black & Tyler Goss (Footprint)    Dingbat 2.0

An exhibition of the winning and selected entries from the LA Forum’s Dingbat 2.0 Competition. Documentation of existing dingbat apartment buildings is included in the exhibition.

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  Exbt10-page_pstr    The Page

For this survey exhibition, thirty-three artists from a broad range of studio art practices were asked to submit one page (as they define it) from one of their own artist’s books to mount on the walls of the gallery.

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  Exbt_SO-IL_poster    Future Archeology

The LA Forum proudly presents the work of SO-IL (Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu). The exhibit Future Archeoloby charts the work of architects Jing Lui and Florian Idenburg.

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  Exbt_aFewZines    A Few Zines

The LA Forum is hosting the traveling exhibition ‘a Few Zines: Dispatches from the Edge of Architectural Production’ the weekend of August 14-16.

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  Exbt_MTN_poster    Wes Jones – Meet the Nelsons

An exhibit of Wes Jones’ original and processual artwork for the cartoon strip he designed and drew for the seminal ANY magazine (Architecture New York).

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  lineweights_postcard_FINAL.indd    Lineweights: Works by Predock_Frane Architects

The LA Forum will be celebrating its inaugural exhibit – LINEWEIGHTS: Works by Precock_Frane Architects. Lineweights is the first show to bring together three of the architects’ recent filament based constructs to form one ensemble.

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