ForumNL_SU15_0710_hires red.pdf    On The Map | After Bradshaw: Conversations with Engineers on LA Architecture

  On The Map 2015 After Bradshaw: Conversations with Engineers on LA Architecture The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design will launch its Summer 2015 newsletter on Tuesday, September 15, at an event featuring a conversation with three […]

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      On the Map: shoptalk panel event

  On The Map 2014: shoptalk panel event The LA Forum invites you to join us for this On the Map: shoptalk event featuring presentations by three award-winning Los Angeles–based design-build leaders in residential architecture: Gordon Stott Connect:Homes Noah Walker Walker […]

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      shoptalk: with Ball-Nogues Studio

  On The Map 2014: shoptalk with Ball-Nogues Studio Photo courtesy Ball-Nogues Studio Our second shoptalk event features the Ball-Nogues studio and their work that crosses the boundaries between art and architecture. Ball-Nogues will host this shoptalk event at their studio in Boyle Heights. They will briefly talk about their […]

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      shoptalk: with RAC Design Build

  On The Map 2014: shoptalk with RAC Design Build Photo courtesy RAC Design Build The first event of shoptalk features RAC Design Build, a design firm with a portfolio of custom residential and adaptive re-use commercial projects for creative […]

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      Corrections & Collections: Architectures for Art and Crime

A Book Talk and Signing Thursday, December 5th, 7 p.m. Hennessey + Ingalls 214 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401 Join author and architect Joe Day in conversation with LA Forum board member and critic Mimi Zeiger. A 50-year survey of […]

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      OTM 2013: El Segundo Museum of Art

On The Map 2013: El Segundo Museum of Art   Join the LA Forum for the 4th site visit of the 2013 On The Map Series ‘South of the Ten’ as we visit the El Segundo Museum of Art on […]

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      OTM 2013: Playa Vista Elementary

On The Map 2013: South of the 10 Playa Vista Elementary School with Osborn Architects Photo credit: Edmund Barr Situated along the bluffs below Loyola Marymount University and along a riparian corridor, Playa Vista Elementary School interprets district standards to […]

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      L.A. Animal Care Center & Comm. Center

On The Map 2013: South of the 10 Los Angeles Animal Care Center & Community Center with RA-DA Photo credit: Ralf Strathmann & City of Los Angeles Just opened in April of this year, the Los Angeles Animal Care Center & Community […]

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      South of the 10: YMCA/28th Street Apartments

On The Map 2013: South of the 10 YMCA/28th Street Apartments with Koning Eizenberg Photo credit: Eric Staudenmaier The first event of  On the Map: South of the 10 will be at the YMCA/28th Street Apartments by Koning Eizenberg.  Originally […]

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      Forum Newsletter Discussion, Van Alen Books

  After an absence from print for over a decade, the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design announces the relaunch of the LA Forum Newsletter. The premiere issue features architect Frank Escher on the clinical restoration of the […]

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  ANS cover    A New Sculpturalism: Panel Discussion

Join guest curator and editor Christopher Mount and Los Angeles architects Kevin Daly, Neil Denari, Elena Manferdini, and Michael Rotondi as they discuss the evolution of L.A. architecture over the past three decades. Moderated by LA Forum board member Gail Peter […]

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  Join us and DeLAB for the last event of our ON THE MAP 2012: SUPERCESSION    OTM 2012: Grand Park Night Tour

ON THE MAP 2012: Grand Park Night Tour, with DeLAB Thursday, 11/08 On The Map: Supercession Supercession is the evolutionary redevelopment of projects and sites within the mature city, considered as a form of historical drama.  Urban architecture exists rarely as […]

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      Daan Roggeveen/GO WEST PROJECT

The LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design presents a lecture and discussion with Daan Roggeveen of GO WEST PROJECT.

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  MOAH-curt gideon -50    Supercession: Downtown Lancaster

Downtown Lancaster with PSL Architects Please join us for the third event in our On the Map – SUPERCESSION series. The Forum makes its first visit to the High Desert to look at 5 infill projects by PSL Architects clustered […]

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  101106-025    Supercession: Robert Kennedy Schools

On The Map 2012: Supercession Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools with David Goodale, Gonzalez Goodale Architects and Scott Johnson, Johnson Fain Site of the former Ambassador Hotel, the 24-acre campus has been envisioned and re-envisioned by a number of developers and […]

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      Supercession: The Villas at Gower

On The Map 2012: Supercession The Villas at Gower with Killefer Flammang Architects The first event of Supercession will be at the Villas at Gower by Killefer Flammang Architects.  The Villas at Gower is an infill project developed by PATH Ventures and […]


      Unfinished Business: Panel Discussions

Unfinished Business: Panel Discussions   Please join the LA Forum on Saturday afternoon, July 14th for two panel discussions in conjunction with our UNFINISHED BUSINESS retrospective exhibition.  The opening night reception for the exhibition follows immediately after the discussions. Panel […]

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  B+U_Image_1    B+U Book Launch & Panel Discussion

B+U DesignPeak 12 Book Launch & Panel Discussion Herwig Baumgartner and Scott Uriu Wednesday, June 20th, 7-9pm Vitra Showroom, Helms Building 8753 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232 The Vitra Showroom is located on Washington Boulevard in the Helms Building complex and […]

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  PatternsEmbedded_LA_EventPoster    PATTERNS Book Launch+Discussion:EMBEDDED

PATTERNS Book Launch & Panel Discussion: EMBEDDED Marcelo Spina and Georgina Huljich Thursday, February 23rd, 6-9pm Vitra Showroom, Helms Building 8753 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232 On Thursday, February 23rd, 6-9pm, the LA Forum will host a Book Launch and […]

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  Image: LTL Architects    OTM 2011: CUC Administrative Center – LTL Architects

New Claremont University Consortium Administrative Center by Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis Architects REVISED DATE: THURSDAY, 8.25.11, 7:30 pm This new administrative center for the Claremont University Consortium consolidates into a single location the majority of CUC departments and services currently dispersed across campus. […]

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  Image courtesy Morphosis; Credit: Michael Powers    OTM 2011: Cahill Center – Morphosis

Morphosis Architects – Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Caltech Please join the LA Forum again on August 11, 2011 for the third site visit of our 2011 On the Map Series Varying Degrees. We will be visiting Caltech […]

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  IST-Image5    OTM 2011: Caltech IST by Frederick Fisher

Please join the LA Forum again on July 28th, 2011 for the second site visit of our 2011 On the Map Series Varying Degrees.  We will be visiting Caltech for a tour of the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Center for Information […]

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  JFAK02    OTM 2011: Graduate Aerospace Laboratories

ON THE MAP 2011: Varying Degrees – Graduate Aerospace Laboratories at the California Institute of Technology (GALCIT) We open the ON THE MAP series this year in Pasadena to visit Caltech’s historic campus and a building that has accomplished some […]

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  EXBT10_Wachsmann_GalTalk    Wachsmann Exhibit Discussion & Closing

Gallery Talk/Panel Discussion at LA Forum Events @ WUHO*  in conjunction with the exhibition Connection Points: Konrad Wachsmann Reconsidered / Analytical Drawings and Models by John Enright Saturday, September 25th, 2010, 3:00pm-4:30pm with exhibition closing reception immediately following from 4:30-7:00pm. […]

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  DISC10_BCF+Broodwork    Big City Forum #19

The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design hosts the BROODWORK curated Big City Forum #19 with presentations by Tibbie Dunbar, Dan Goods and Kati Rubinyi.

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  Judy Fiskin, Untitled, Dingbat 1982-1983    Panel : Dingbat as Cultural Icon

A panel to discuss cultural and iconographic aspects of the dingbat apartment building in Los Angeles – both existing conditions as well as proposals from the LA Forum’s recently completed Dingbat 2.0 Design Competition.

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  C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorDesktopSITE PLANSSiteD    Panel: Dingbat as Urban Typology

A panel discussion to consider the urban condition of the dingbat apartment building in Los Angeles – both existing conditions as well as proposals from the LA Forum’s recently completed Dingbat 2.0 Design Competition.

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  PK_20_Poster    pecha kucha #20 (!): Saturday, April 24 2010

PECHA KUCHA #20 (!): Saturday, April 24, 2010 a gently suggested $3 (all proceeds go to our host, Showcave)  Door @ 19:00 pm Presentation starts @ 20:20 pm Sharp! Pecha Kucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people […]


  Exbt_SO-IL_poster    SO-IL in Conversation with Qingyun Ma

Please join the LA Forum for the gallery talk for our current exhibition Future Archeology.

In conversation with QINGYUN MA.
Oct 17, 12:00 PM

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  P1020644    Field Trips: Port of Long Beach

ACT 3: The finale of our summer series Field Trips: Backstage LA. While beyond LA’s city limits, the Port of Long Beach is the city’s gateway to the global transport infrastructure.

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  Exbt_aFewZines    A Few Zines – Panel Discussion

Please join the LA Forum for the panel discussion ‘Marginalia, Edge Conditions in Publishing and Practice’ on August 14th.

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  090804 Baldwin Hills - 013    Field Trips: Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

ACT 2: The 2nd of our summer series Field Trips: Backstage LA. Located at the confluence of numerous urban systems, the Baldwin Hills will set the stage for discussing and viewing its surroundings.

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  FT09_Hyp1    Field Trips: Hyperion Treatment Plant

ACT 1: The 1st of our summer series Field Trips: Backstage LA. Processing effluence is a quintessential task of infrastructure, but Hyperion recasts the role of a waste treatment plant with its recent additions of architecture and engineering.

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  Discus_MTN_Wes+Craig    Wes Jones Gallery Talk May 24th at 4pm

Accompanying the Meet the Nelsons exhibition will be a gallery conversation between Wes Jones and Craig Hodgetts, FAIA. May 24, 2009 at 4pm LA Forum gallery 6520 Hollywood Blvd.

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  Competition Winning Entry: Mas Transit (image: Radical Craft)    Transit and the City

LA Forum and MAK Center Los Angeles are pleased to present a discussion inspired by the visionary schemes created for the SCI-Arc/Architect’s Newspaper competition, A New Infrastructure: Innovative Transit Solutions for Los Angeles.

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  Image: Predock_Frane    Lineweights: Works by Predock_Frane Architects – Gallery Talk

*Gallery Talk: January 10th, 2009, 7 pm* Please join the LA Forum and LACE for a gallery talk with Brooke Hodge, curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles; architects Hadrian Predock and John […]

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  OTM    On the Map 2008 Lecture Series Continues

These four schools demonstrate the fundamental value of thoughtful design to the development of energetic classrooms, effective curricula, and engaged communities. In addition, noted architects, critics, and educators will be on hand to facilitate vigorous debate on the state of contemporary school design.

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  Series-Discussion_1997-GMattaClark(1)    Discussion Series 1997 – Gordon Matta-Clark Film + Videos

he Los Angeles Forum for Architectural and Urban Design is pleased to present the first West Coast screening of newly restored films and videos of Gordon Matta-Clark.  The films document Matta-Clark’s well-known building cuttings, explore urban phenomena, and capture aspects […]

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  Discussion_1994-ArchitectsArtistsPiblicArt(1)    Discussion 1994 – Architects, Artists, Public Art

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) and the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design present Architects, Artists, Public Art Wednesday, December 7, 1994 7:00 PM at The Box 8520 National Blvc, Culver City a structure designed by Eric […]

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  Discussion_1992-AlternativeDisorder(1)    Discussion 1992 – Alternative Disorder

The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design Alternative Disorders first in a series of conversations about designing communities November 23, 1992 7:00 PM Ward A.M.E Church 1177 West 25th Street (one block north and west of Adams Boulevard […]

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  Series-Discussion_1991-BeyondBuildingsArtWithWalls(1)    Discussion Series 1991 – Beyond Buildings: Art With Walls

The Los Angeles Forum for Architectural and Urban Design presents The Green of Plant Architecture without Buildings Another spacey discussion from the gals and guys at the Forum Architects who think they’re artists In Space Inventing Space The Brown of […]

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  Series-Discussion_1991-ImageReality(2)    Discussion Series 1991 – Image Reality

The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design presents Image Reality The reality behind the image of Los Angeles The reality of the image Los Angeles – is there a there here? And now? July 29 Eric Moss Michael […]

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  Series-Discussion_1988-LivingOnTheEdge(2)    Discussion Series 1988 – Living on the Edge

The Los Angeles Forum for Architectural and Urban Design Living on the Edge RSVP Saturday, October 29, 9-11:30 am Harold Hotel, 323 East Fifth Street Workshop: Homelessness and Shelter; with Andy Robeson, Director, SRO Housing Corporation Limited to 15 people […]

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  Discussion_1988-LearningFromWestHollywood(3)    Discussion 1988 – Learning from West Hollywood

Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design 3454 West First Street Los Angeles, CA 90004 Learning from West Hollywood a discussion of the West Hollywood Civic Center with competition participants and critics Roger Sherman (Winner) Janek Bielski (Finalist) Michael […]

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  Discussion_1988-UnvielingTheSky(2)    Discussion 1988 – Unveiling the Sky

Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design 3454 West First Street Los Angeles, CA 90004 Unveiling the Sky a discussion of the function, role and place of tall buildings in Los Angeles a dialogue with: Mike Dave ( professor […]

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  Series-Discussion_1987-MovingTargets(1)    Discussion Series 1987 – Moving Targets

The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design Moving Targets Seven More Discussions May 18 Alexis Smith June 1 Richard Keating June 15 Barbara Goldstein June 29 Thom Mayne July 13 Michael Woo, city councilman July 26 Projects August […]

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